Shepherd’s Grove is a community of happy and whole students of Jesus. We’ve chosen to be a radically hospitable faith community focused on spiritual formation with God, our community with each other, and our missional calling to the world we live in. We believe that God’s kingdom is flourishing and thriving, growing and bearing fruit. It’s our mission to join God in what he is already doing in the world he created with such love and care.

01 / We aim to be a church of happy and whole students of Jesus.

Happiness is a core value of ours at Shepherd’s Grove. We believe that as we encounter the life-changing person of Jesus and seek to mold our lives to be like him, we are transformed to be genuinely happy people. For us, being a happy and whole student of Jesus is accomplished as we gather in community during our Sunday morning services, grow in discipleship through small groups, and use our gifts to give back to the community. You’ll find this language throughout everything we do at Shepherd’s Grove.

02 / Dignity shapes everything we do.

At Shepherd’s Grove, we believe every person deserves dignity because every person is loved by God. Our love and dignity for others is a direct overflow from the love and dignity we receive from God. This affects everything we do and enables us to model God’s love to others who look, act, or believe differently than we do. We are dedicated to sharing God’s love with our local community.

03 / We are a local church with a global mission.

Every day, we have the immense joy of sharing God’s love and dignity with our local community — and millions of people around the world. We are blessed to share our ministry beyond the Shepherd’s Grove church campus through the internationally televised Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller. So, don’t be surprised to see cameras, folks wearing headsets or a large jib when you walk through our front doors. During our services and part of Hour of Power, you’ll also hear from actors, authors, ministry founders, athletes, pastors, and/or music artists who have an inspirational story to share with our church attenders and viewers.

We are so proud of our television ministry and the many lives around the world that have been transformed through it — and we think you will be, too. You may even see yourself on an episode or two!