The Sublimity of Gratitude and God’s Love

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues the series of messages on Living the Psalms- Encouraging the Suffering Soul. Today’s message is “The Sublimity of Gratitude and God’s Love.”

Pastor Russ Jacobson interviews Dr. Jim Kok, Certified Supervisor of Clinical Pastoral Education and a pastor with Crystal Cathedral and Shepherd’s Grove since 1984. Jim, along with Craig and Debbie Bourne, are the founders of Care and Kindness Ministries. Jim has devoted his career to the care of hurting people and training others to practice acts of kindness. His new book, Transform Belief into Behavior is available at and wherever books are sold.

Directed by Don Neuen, the Hour of Power Choir performs three anthems by composer Joseph Haydn: “The Heaven’s Are Telling,” “The Marv’lous Work” with soloist Sarah Grandpre, and “Sing the Lord, ye Voices All.” The choir is accompanied by Zeljko Marasovich on the organ and Dr. Marc Riley and the Hour of Power Orchestra.