Sunset Fellowship at Shepherd’s Grove

Sunset Fellowship at Shepherd's Grove

by Pastor Bill Bennett

Are you longing for an old time, small church? Do you miss the old hymns- like the “Old Rugged Cross”? Do you miss knowing everyone there? Do you long to develop some great friendships? Do you desire prayer for you? Then you would enjoy the Sunday Evening Sunset Fellowship.

The Sunday evening Fellowship is an informal praise, prayer and fellowship time together, much less of a “church service” and, in effect, more of a “Christian family” that gathers together each Sunday evening for a good time together with scripture and lots of praise music and prayer. Even a time called “Prayerful Ponderings” with Pastor Sandra Herron.  We refer to this event as our “Sunset Fellowship”, with a time to get together for refreshments and fellowship following our praise and prayer time.

Our goal is to create an environment that people enjoy coming to and know that we are a “family” where we care for each other and pray for each other. A lot of our “family” have special hurts and special needs and are in need of prayer and fellowship, something that is very difficult to give them in a larger church setting. Many of our folks are alone, having lost a spouse or loved one, and we are here to help fill that void. The fact that we are reaching those, who need companionship and fellowship, is that nobody wants to leave our after service fellowship and would rather just “hang out” with us.

Oftentimes we will have special, spiritual music with professional and oft times recording artists, such as Daniel Rodriguez. We celebrate special occasions such as a Hot dog BBQ along with a patriotic orchestra on Memorial Sunday and an old fashion Ice Cream social on Independence Sunday. And, looking ahead to Veteran’s Recognition Sunday, we will celebrate with the Salvation Army Band, blessing us with spiritual and patriotic music.

So you can see that we, really, enjoy getting together for a time of worship and fellowship each Sunday evening and wish to extend an invitation to you to join us. If you have any questions or need more information, please call Pastor Bill Bennett at (714) 971-4034 or Pastor Sande Herron at (714)392-0269.

Pastor Bill Bennett

Pastor Bill Bennett

Pastor Bill has had an active part in Crystal Cathedral/Shepherd’s Grove Ministries since 1991, serving in many capacities including General Counsel, teacher, pastor, Board member, counselor, etc. He currently serves as the Lead Pastor for the Sunday Evening Service and the Early Bird Bible Study. He is a Consistory member, and is on the Pastoral Leadership Team. His current status is  “Pastor Emeritus”. Bill is married to Hilda and has three children and five granddaughters.