Summer Kicks Off for Shepherd’s Grove Student Ministries

By Robert Brazile, Youth Pastor, Shepherd’s Grove Student Ministries

When you think about youth group, what are some of the first things that come to mind? Unorganized. Hang-out spot. Activities. Just a place for kids to go and play games. Here at Shepherd’s Grove Student Ministries, we are striving to be the opposite of that. In whatever we do, we want to have a driving purpose that is behind it, whether that is picking video clips to show each Thursday that point toward the evening’s topic or the events that we put on over the summer.

FB_IMG_1464280400980With summer just around the corner, we are kicking into event mode with Student Ministries! Our two biggest events are our Summer Kick Off and our summer Houseboats Trip.

  • This year, our SUMMER KICK OFF will be on Saturday, June 11, and include a morning at the beach, followed by a BBQ at the church, and finished off with watching a movie together and enjoying fellowship! Not only is this event a catalyst for fellowship, but it is a chance for evangelism and reaching out to the local community and the students in this area.
  • By far, our biggest event is our HOUSEBOATS TRIP. This year’s summer camp takes place Sunday, June 26 – Friday, July 1, and is already booked full! We are taking 26 students and 4 leaders up to the Sacramento River Delta for a week of exploration in creation and scripture! I say this is our biggest event, not only on the magnitude of effect it has on students or just sheer planning efforts, but when we look at our five goals for the ministry, this event hits all five! Those five key things we focus on are discipleship, worship, fellowship, ministry, and evangelism.

Now, not all of our events hit all five goals; that would almost be impossible. But, for an event to be a success, we want it to hit at least two of those goals. So some of our other smaller events are:

  • MAN NIGHT AND GIRL’S NIGHT: This event is just a time for students, in a gender-specific time, to fellowship with and minister to each other. This is one of those events where the students really get to help plan and lead based on what they want to do!
  • BEACH DAYS: These days provide more great chances for fellowship among our students, but are also great outreach events for evangelism. What friend doesn’t want to go hang out at the beach? It’s an excellent opportunity to bring friends to a church event that is not really that much “church,” but rather just a time for them to test the waters (pun was intended…).
  • MOVIE DAYS: This event is very similar to Beach Days in that going to see a movie is a great way to fellowship, as well as a welcoming time for new friends and guests. This summer, we are planning to go see Finding Dory as well as showing a movie at the church, which we haven’t yet decided on. (Students: suggestions are welcome!)

Those are some awesome events we are throwing this summer, but that’s not all. Wait, there’s more! We are teaming up with the rest of the church and staff to bring you FAMILY SUNDAYS! Every second Sunday of the month, starting in June, we will be cancelling Sunday morning youth group. This is really to encourage our students to spend time with their families worshipping God and being part of the church. Not only that, but it also gives our students an opportunity to minister to their church, Shepherd’s Grove. So, every second Sunday, be looking for some students up on stage sharing scripture, giving announcements, and other exciting things! For information on these events, like times, dates, and places, email me at the email listed below!

I am super excited for what is happening at Shepherd’s Grove, especially in the Student Ministries department! Big things are coming because we are a youth group with a purpose! If you want to get involved with our youth group, feel free to come Thursday nights between 6:30 and 8:30 PM! We are open to any students in grades 6-12. We would love to spend Thursday night with you!

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer, feel free to email me at!