Summer is in Full-Swing for our Youth

By Jonathan Thonglom, Youth Pastor

We invite you to connect with our teenagers! It’s going to be a fun and busy summer for the youth of our church, and I’m excited about all the good things God has in store for our junior high and high schoolers as we build relationships with Him and each other over the next couple of months. 

I’m super-stoked about our camp, which is taking place on houseboats in the Sacramento River Delta from July 21-26. We will be swimming, eating, playing on the water, exploring, and most importantly, studying the Bible and learning more about Jesus together. The cost for the camp is $550 and registration is open until July 14. You can learn more or sign up at

Also, on Wednesday nights, we are gathering poolside and at the beach to hang out, have fun, and cultivate deeper relationships. We just had a beach night and bonfire at Corona Del Mar and it was a blast! About a dozen students came out for pizza, s’mores, games, and worship on the beach. Next week, we will resume our Wednesday night poolside and then have another beach night at the end of July. If you have kids or grandkids in junior high or high school, please invite them to join us. Also, to keep up with all that’s happening, follow us on Instagram at @sgstudentmin. 

In addition to mid-week activities, we meet every Sunday morning in the Fireside Room during the 9:45 and 11:00 a.m. services. We have free breakfast, worship, and a time to study God’s Word together. If you are here, I’d love to meet you. Feel free to stop by the Fireside Room and introduce yourself!

Through our continuing ministry to the young people of this church and our community at large, we seek to introduce them to Jesus through relationship. Growing up in today’s world is challenging, so we desire to be a place for teenagers to connect and learn more about Jesus in a safe environment. If you have questions or want to learn more, feel free to email me at or call me at (714) 971-4000 x138.