Sprouts Launches New Lesson Series!

Shepherd's Grove Children's Ministries - Sprouts

Kingdom tales jrThere have been some exciting new changes for Sprouts this fall. First off, there is now a dedicated 0-2 year old attentive care nursery. There is also a new pre-k experience for children that are 3-5 years old. Both of these offerings meet in the courtyard of the church offices adjacent to the Sanctuary. The pre-k class has just begun to learn about the Full Armor of God utilizing a special new multi-media curriculum that has been designed just for them. This is something that won’t want to be missed if you have a pre-k child!

Berry Blast Theme ParkFor kindergarteners up through those in 5th grade, there is now a new meeting place. It is found in the “West 4” classroom wing. The new meeting place includes a new pre-session room full of fun games and activities to be enjoyed. There is also a new theater room for lesson programs along with break-out rooms for application of the Bible lessons. For these age groups the lesson series is “Berry Blast Theme Park!” Bring your grade school aged students to come and enjoy the thrills of learning about God’s Fruit of the Spirit!

If you would like more information about Shepherd’s Grove children’s ministries, Sprouts, please contact Geoff Madison & Kari Moeller¬†714-971-4062.

Shepherd's Grove Children's Ministries - Sprouts

Shepherd’s Grove Children’s Ministries – Sprouts