Shepherd’s Grove Goes LIVE Every Sunday

By: Robert Laird – Executive Director, Creative

I’m sure you have noticed the cameras by now, but did you know that they aren’t only for recording the Shepherd’s Grove service for our television ministry, Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller? Our awesome production staff, made up of about 15 talented men and women (most have spent time in Hollywood production roles), is here for all three services on Sundays capturing the worship, but more importantly, the spirit of our worship.

That being said, we are thrilled to be able to record and Livestream our 11 a.m. service each week on our Shepherd’s Grove Facebook page, YouTube channel, and website. This means that if there’s an occasion when you are not able to join us on Sunday, you can worship with us from anywhere! When you do, you also have the special privilege of joining our extended Shepherd’s Grove and Hour of Power family online, which includes people watching from all around the world! Even better, there’s a chat feature available on both Facebook and YouTube, and we have a staff member facilitating conversations and asking questions. We invite you to not only watch, but to join in fellowship during the service!

The Livestream is also a great way to share church with your friends and family, as well as an amazing opportunity to open the door to new believers and then invite them to join us in person in Irvine!

Our Shepherd’s Grove Livestream can be found each week here:




P.S. All of the live-streamed 11 a.m. services are also archived on our YouTube page, so you can go back and watch at your convenience!