Rooted is Still Changing Lives

Tonight, we are wrapping up another session of our 10-week Rooted small group study with a celebration dinner, worship, cardboard testimonies, and a special message from Pastor Bobby. Even better, several participants will identify with the death and resurrection of Jesus through baptism! We are proud of everyone who made time to invest in their relationships with God and each other by taking part in this program.

Throughout the spring season, about 40 people (including 10 from our youth group) gathered every Wednesday night here on the Shepherd’s Grove campus to draw closer to Jesus and one another by embarking on a comprehensive discipleship journey. During the Rooted experience, facilitators guided small groups through discussions on topics including creation, salvation, quiet time, strongholds, serving, finances, and more!

Besides maturing in their relationship with the Lord, perhaps the greatest blessing of the program is the opportunity it affords participants to cultivate connections with other members of this church community. Offering a safe environment in which to share the deep and tough stuff of life, the gift of friendship is a lasting benefit of this experience. As we devote ourselves to becoming disciples of Jesus together, we develop deep and healing relationships — the kind upon which our church is built!

Sound interesting? New groups are forming again in the fall and we would love to have you take part! Contact me at to reserve your spot. If you invest just a few hours over the course of 10 weeks, I promise that you will be changed!