Shepherd’s Grove – Feeding Hungry Kids and helping our local community in Covid-times

We are all tired of hearing about Covid-19 and wish it would simply disappear. The entire world has been disrupted and many people have suffered or still are. With the impact of Covid felt everywhere, it is even more important during this time for SHEPHERD’SGROVE to remain active in doing our part to help those less fortunate. 

In response, SG hosted a drive-through Food Drive on June 27 collecting 2400 pounds of food (about 2,200 meals) for local families. In August we hosted a drive-through Clothing Drive where our congregation donated an AMAZING amount of clothing for the local community.  On September 26th, we held our annual Irvine Feeds The World meal packing event. 

For those who may not be familiar with Irvine Feeds The World, for the last three years Shepherd’s Grove partners with an organization called Kids Around The World and their OneMeal program. OneMeal food is packed by volunteers and then shipped overseas to serve malnourished children in orphanages, schools, homes, churches, and community feeding centers. 1 in 7 kids in the world suffers from the effects of food insecurity, living in a chronic state of malnutrition. So we at Shepherd’s Grove did something about it!

Since at the time of this event, large public gatherings were still not wise we strategically modified how to safely host IFTW. This year we partnered with our own Voices of Hope community choir. We had a tremendous response from VOH families—over 70 signed up to volunteer.  We split everyone into two smaller groups and combined packaged almost 16,000 meals. So, together with Voices of Hope 16,000 kids get fed a nutritious meal! With so much bad news these days, this is some good news! 

We plan to host another meal-packing event next spring when things should be less restrictive. We will provide more information as we continue to know more.

In the meantime, if you would like to contribute financially to help just $0.27 will feed one hungry child, $27.00 will feed 100 hungry kids, $100 will feed 370 hungry kids, but any amount will help! Click here to donate!

Questions? Reach out to Curtis Drever, Director of Missions & Outreach.