Chapter 10: Don’t Worry-It Will Be Okay

Bobby Schuller

Shepherd's Grove
Shepherd's Grove
Chapter 10: Don't Worry-It Will Be Okay

Pastor Bobby Schuller continues his series “The Narrow Road: How To Be Alive” with the message “Don’t Worry-It Will Be Okay” at Shepherd’s Grove on Sunday March 5, 2017.

It’s easy to become swept up in the anxieties of our every day, but Bobby reminds us this week to slow down, let our anxieties go, and give them to God. Training your eyes to see what’s good, and not dwelling on the negative things that may happen can be tricky. But simply by walking in the strength of faith, anything is possible. Life is too beautiful to worry about the little things. Let go, trust, and live in the easy rhythms of grace. That is a good life.