Tijuana Christian Mission (TCM)

Tijuana Christian Mission, founded in 1964 with campuses in Tijuana and Rosarito Beach, is our longest running mission partner. TCM provides housing for over 100 children from newborn to age 18.  In addition to providing housing, the dedicated TCM staff, led by Sara, Seth and Martha Gomez, share the love of Jesus Christ with the abandoned, orphaned and lonely children of Tijuana. Staff members work together to meet not only the physical needs of the children, but their emotional and spiritual needs as well. There are opportunities to serve both short and long-term in areas such as dental care, facilities repairs and maintenance, afterschool programs, or simply helping with the care and nurture of the kids. 


The colonia of El Niño is just a three hour drive from Irvine, located between Tijuana and Tecate and got its name from the 1997 El Niño storms. Many people moved to this village of dirt streets and no running water after losing everything in Tijuana floods caused by El Niño storms. 

Unemployment and hunger are rampant in El Niño and surrounding colonias. Those unable to get the “best” jobs at factories earning $80–$100 per week are forced to be street vendors, collect cans and metal to sell for food, or find occasional work as day laborers. 

In 2000, we began our first house-building trip and built three homes for families who didn’t have one.  Since that first trip our church family has developed deep relationships with the El Niño community in several ways, the most important being helping with education.   

Education Scholarship Program – Humble Beginnings 

It was during that first house building trip in 2000 that we came to realize that most of the children didn’t attend school.  Most families in the community could not afford to send their kids to school.  One parent was significantly moved by this when her son asked during the car ride back to Orange County, “Why do I get to go to school and Martine doesn’t?”  From that conversation the El Niño sponsorship program began, and the following year we started offering scholarships and sponsoring kids so they could attend school.

Fast forward to 2019!  We just celebrated out nineteenth annual backpack distribution fiesta!  90 volunteers from eleven churches, along with university students and graduates joined together help kick off the new school year for sponsored students. 

We currently have 175 kids sponsored in elementary through prepatoria (high school) and another 60 in the University program.  Since we started the program, over 1,000 kids have attended school and over 75 have graduated from university, seminary, or trade school.  We are helping change a generation!

The sponsorship program exists to love the kids in the El Niño community, build relationships, encourage them in their education, and connect with the local church.  We could use more sponsors!  For as little as $240 per year ($600 for University), you can change a child’s life by helping them pay for an education.  For more information about becoming a sponsor, please email , stop by the Outreach table on the Courtyard, or contact Curtis Drever at Shepherd’s Grove,


Photo Day is a wonderful way to connect with the people of El Niño, Mexico.  We update information and take pictures of all the sponsored kids.  If you currently sponsor a student, this is another opportunity to meet them and spend time getting to know them.

Come down and be blessed by the sight of 350 students lined up to give you their biggest smiles. This day-trip is a great way for families to serve together. If you can take a picture, measure feet, translate a little Spanish or would just like to help things run smoothly, we would love to have you.


Usually the second or third Saturday in August.

Enjoy a day of fun and service!  Whether you sponsor a student or not you are welcome!

This day is all about expressing love to the El Niño community, building relationships and encouraging our sponsored kids in their education. No experience or Spanish-speaking skills are needed. All ages are welcome. This is also a great opportunity to meet your sponsored student!

What we’ll be doing:

  • With our El Niño friends, we will host a fiesta for sponsored children, their families, and the community!  Typically 800-1,000 show up for this fun event.
  • We will play games in a carnival-like atmosphere.
  • Enjoy a delicious lunch prepared by the fabulous cooks from Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana El Niño.
  • Distribute backpacks, shoes, uniforms and school supplies to the sponsored children.
  • Honor the university students and graduates.
  • Serve together with our friends from Iglesia Comunidad Cristiana El Niño.
  • All of this is meant to encourage sponsored students as they being the new school year.

How you can serve:

  • Distribute backpacks
  • Run game and craft booths with university students
  • Take photos
  • Translate
  • Have fun with the children
  • Loan an EZ-Up for the day

For more information about helping with the Backpack Fiesta, becoming a sponsor, or something else related to El Nino please email , stop by the Outreach table on the Courtyard, or contact Curtis Drever at Shepherd’s Grove,

House Building and Community Outreach

Each year over Memorial weekend (the last weekend in May), we organize a family-friendly trip to serve in El Niño or surrounding colonias.  Our group size ranges from 50-70 people, and has turned into a multi-church effort.  This is a great trip for you to invite a friend or neighbor.  You will quickly get to know a great people and become part of the family as we serve together.

While building relationships with the Mexican people is the most important aspect, we typically engage in a large project such as building a church, houses, and combine that with painting, distributing food, playing games with local children, and occasionally worshipping at Comunidad Cristiana El Niño.


Why Africa
  • Jesus told his disciples, “…just as you did it to one of the least of these who are members of my family, you did it to me.” (Matthew 25:40)
  • Feed the hungry and thirsty. Clothe the ragged. Visit the sick and incarcerated. To the extent that we do these things for the broken, bereft men, women, and children in our world, we also do for Christ! Africa is a continent that in many ways is broken and hurting. Africa by the millions:
  • Over 300 million people in Africa live on less than $1 per day.
  • Over 30 million people in Africa are HIV positive. This represents 70% of global infections.
  • Over 11 million African children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS.
  • God calls us to be the hands and feet of Christ — to respond with compassion to His children who are suffering in the world. We can look at God’s people in Africa with stolen dreams, at an entire continent whose future hangs in the balance, and question God. Or we can look at these problems and realize this is God’s question to us: Who cares about the people of Africa? We do!
New Life School, Swaziland

Solomon and Grace Fasanmade

Over 40% of all adults in Swaziland are infected with HIV. As a result, thousands of children have lost one or both parents and are either living on the streets or have very little support. The New Life School is a beacon of hope for many of these children. This Christian high school provides an education, food, and shelter for orphaned and poverty-stricken children. Pastor Solomon Fasanmade is the Director (and founder) of the school. SG has developed a child sponsorship program that currently provides hope to children in need. SG also commissions short-term missions teams to serve with the children and staff at New Life.

We could use more sponsors!  You can change a child’s life by helping them pay for an education.  For more information, please visit the Outreach table on the Courtyard, or contact email us at

Paul Siaki and Family

Missionaries, OC International, South Africa

Rev. Paul Siaki is a tireless missionary who plants and nurtures new churches in Africa. He also trains pastors to serve and lead these churches to further God’s kingdom. The hearts and lives of people in Africa can only be transformed through God’s love and grace. Paul’s work in Africa is spreading the Gospel to a continent that is yearning for God’s healing transformation. SG provides ongoing prayer and financial support to Paul Siaki and OC International.

Themba and Buhle Bhembe

Ubuhlebethemba Community Development (UBCD), Natal, South Africa

After decades of oppression, Soweto township is burdened with 60% unemployment, a high crime rate, and poverty. UBCD is playing a central and mission critical role in transforming the lives of God’s people in Soweto. UBCD ministers to the needs of the community, and also has a food program. UBCD serves the poorest of the poor: those living with poverty, unemployment, HIV, and lack of educational opportunities. In June 2014, Themba and Buhle established a new community development center in Natal, South Africa. The Natal center provides food, tutoring, spiritual mentoring and counseling, home-based care, and after school activities to a rural, impoverished community.

Mike Sunker

Director, Christ Church Christian Care Centre (5Cs), Hillbrow, South Africa

Rev. Mike Sunker is the Director of the 5Cs, and heads a staff of 14. SG provides ongoing prayer support, and routinely commissions short-term mission teams to serve with this ministry.

Hillbrow is an inner-city section of Johannesburg where there are many homeless children, struggling to cope and survive in an environment that seems hopeless. The Christ Church Christian Care Centre is primarily focused on serving the needs of the homeless, hurting, and hungry children of Hillbrow. The ministry includes:

  • Worship services and feeding program for homeless children
  • An orphanage for children
  • Education and spiritual counseling for young children and troubled teens.
  • Video messages from the Mike Sunker and the 5Cs ministry:



Vikram House is located in Chennai and built in memory of and dedicated to Vikram George Subramanyam (9/4/91 -2/22/98) who, even in his young years, longed for all people to have a roof over their heads and a home to live in. Although Vikram battled Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a debilitating condition which only gave him only a few short years to live, he cared about the homeless and underprivileged. This little child’s vision is Vikram House – a home that provides care to nearly 400 elderly destitute and homeless men and women. Vikram House is part of the Little Drops Ministry which also provides quality education from Pre-K through 5th grade at the Little Angels School, for 394 disadvantaged children who otherwise would not be able to attend school. As Mr. Edgar Paul – Founder Director of Little Drops notes: “We firmly believe that we have Vikram guiding us in our journey to fulfill his wish and vision to help the needy”.


India has the most illiterate people, the most impoverished people, the most people without access to clean water, the most people who have never heard the name of Jesus Christ, and one of the most difficult places to be born a female.  Glad Tidings’ goal is to equip the indigenous church to change those “mosts” to “leasts” by rescuing hopeless and impoverished people from the prison of destitution and spiritual darkness.  Then they can claim their own self-worth, have hope for a brighter future, and know that Jesus loves them.

Some of Glad Tidings’ ministries include: 

Children’s Bible School (CBD)

  • India is the youngest nation in the world – almost half of the population is under the age of 18.
  • CBS teaches children morals and ethics, improving personal and family relations, general behavior and attitude.
  • Children learn about the true light through CBS, similar to Vacation Bible School in the USA. They learn Bible stories, songs, and verses that teach them they are valued, loved, and matter to God.
  • Children attend CBS for 10 days, which also includes dance, drama, and sports. Snacks and lunch are also provided for all participants.
  • Just $1 sends a child to CBS for two weeks, including a meal. $100 sends 100 children.

Water Wells

  • India has the most number of people without access to clean water.
  • Many villages in which we minister face this problem–people walk several kilometers every day to get water from a dirty pond or stream.
  • Holistic healing of a community includes providing borewells which makes clean and safe water accessible to the entire village.
  • $1,500 provides a quality borewell for a village.

Micro Enterprise

  • Sewing machines are made available to the poorest of the poor, often widows, orphans caring for younger siblings, or women whose husbands are unable to work.
  • Through micro-enterprise, women are able to work for themselves increasing their income at least four times and often teach others tailoring skills.
  • Economic Uplift – increased income benefits not only the woman receiving the sewing machine, but also her family and community.
  • $125 provides the gift of a sewing machine.