Our Volunteers Rock…& Roll!

Last Saturday, we had the honor of recognizing over 125 of our volunteers who help us keep our ministry running. This incredible group of people ranges from volunteers of a few months, all the way to Anne Waltz, who has been with us for 63 years! She was in the choir and performed on the snack shack when it was Garden Grove Community Church at the Drive-In.

The theme of our luncheon was: “Our Volunteers Rock…& Roll,” because they really do rock! Checkers, jukeboxes, and sundaes filled the room to provide a fun, festive, and 50’s vibe. In addition to a fun theme and a great lunch, everyone was treated to performances by the New Melodies girls ensemble, and the Voices of Hope Children’s Choir. Shortly thereafter, the group was taken over to the sanctuary, where they were able to see Bobby speak in our new church home. At the closing of our day, everyone was able to take a tour of our new campus.

We are so grateful to all of our volunteers for the time they give to our ministry to help us further the Kingdom.

If you are interested in serving, visit shepherdsgrove.org to sign up to be a volunteer today!