OC Muslims Want to Meet Christians!

Did you know there are many Muslims living around us who want to meet Christians?  Have you ever wanted to meet a Muslim family but didn’t know how to go about it?  Well, I have a great opportunity for you during the month of May.  Through our local partner, Nader Hanna of Salaam Ministries, there are five opportunities to share a meal with a Muslim family during Ramadan between May 6 and June 4.

What is Ramadan and Why Should Christians Care?

Many of us have heard of Ramadan but don’t know what it is.  The yearly Ramadan fast (which lasts for one month) is one of five orthodox practices that define Islamic culture and religion. The focus of this month is not primarily abstinence or fasting but a concentration of a Muslim’s energy and mind on an awareness of God and on the life of pious worship.

Muslims are more open to spiritual matters during Ramadan, which usually creates an atmosphere for discussions with Christian friends. During this season Christians are often invited to share an evening meal, called an iftar, with their Muslim friends. In this setting, spiritual discussions are frequently welcomed and encouraged by the Muslim hosts.  This is a great opportunity to build bridges with people from a different culture, just as Jesus did.

The Details

There are two host families in two locations for each of the dates below, and each can receive two Christian families.  In all, twenty Christian families can sign up—and singles are definitely welcome!

May 15: Lake Forest, Irvine

May 20: two homes in Irvine

May 22: two homes in Irvine

May 27: two homes in Irvine

May 29: two homes in Irvine

If you are interested, please contact Nader Hanna at PastorNader@gmail.com. You can also contact me at Curtis@irvinepres.org and I’ll help you arrange things.

Pastor Nader and his wife Imane

About Nader Hanna and Salaam Ministries
Salaam Ministries, located in Orange County, is passionate about reaching Muslim immigrants, refugees, and International students in Southern California for Jesus! We believe that God has called us for such a time as this, and that this is Muslims’ time on God’s calendar as He is doing unprecedented things among Muslims.

Salaam reaches local Muslims in two main ways— through their own direct outreach efforts; and through training Christians and churches on how to engage Muslims in their communities with the message of God’s love and forgiveness in Christ Jesus.

For churches and groups Salaam Ministries provides training about Islam and making disciples among Muslims. Topics include–understanding the religion, worldview, culture and value system of Islam; how to build meaningful relationships and dialogue with Muslims; understanding global political Islam; radical Islamic movements and conflict in the Middle East, and more. There are also Muslim outreach opportunities for volunteers. For more information on how to get involved, please contact Curtis Drever, Curtis@irvinepres.org Director of Missions and Outreach at Shepherd’s Grove.

Imane and a Muslim friend