Thank you for your nomination. Any member of SGPC is able to submit nominations to the nominating committee for the role of Ruling Elder, Deacon and next year's nominating committee.

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Ruling Elder Defined

As there were in Old Testament times elders for the government of the people, so the New Testament church provided persons with particular gifts to share in discernment of God’s Spirit and governance of God’s people. Accordingly, congregations should elect persons of wisdom and maturity of faith, having demonstrated skills in leadership and being compassionate in spirit.

Ruling elders are so named not because they “lord it over” the congregation (Matt. 20:25), but because they are chosen by the congregation to discern and measure its fidelity to the Word of God, and to strengthen and nurture its faith and life.

Ruling elders, together with ministers of the Word and Sacrament, exercise leadership, government, spiritual discernment, and discipline and have responsibilities for the life of a congregation as well as the whole church, including ecumenical relationships. When elected by the congregation, they shall serve faithfully as members of the session.

What is a Deacon?

What are the responsibilities of a Deacon?

In Acts 6, verses 1 – 4, we read that there was concern that daily, secular issues were not being adequately addressed (because the Apostles were focused on tasks of prayer and speaking God’s Word.) So they chose seven men, who were full of the Holy Spirit and good sense, and assigned them responsibility for the everyday issues.

Those seven men were what we today designate as Deacons.

The Presbyterian Book of Order refers to this passage with the words, “Persons of spiritual character, honest repute, exemplary lives, brotherly and sisterly love, sincere compassion, and sound judgment should be chosen for this ministry.” In other words, Deacons are asked to focus on the practical needs of the church and the congregation. They are also spiritual leaders, as described above, but the day-to-day needs and concerns of the people are to be addressed by Deacons.

If a congregant has a need, whether spiritual, secular, or both, the Deacon seeks to assist, and can bring it to church leadership for further help, if needed.

The Book of order uses these words: “Deacons may also be given special assignments in the congregation, such as caring for members in need, handling educational tasks, cultivating liberality in giving, collecting and disbursing monies to specific persons or causes, or overseeing the buildings and property of the congregation. Deacons shall assume other duties as may be delegated to them by the session, including assisting with the Lord’s Supper.”

Specifically, at Shepherd’s Grove, Deacons are each given a list of names, which we call the ‘flock’, to which the Deacon should establish regular contact, as a connection to the church. Additionally, those who assist in communion time with Hannah before each service must be Deacons in order to help serve.


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