Shepherd’s Grove Comes to Hillsong Channel June 1


At Shepherd’s Grove, we are a community of happy and whole students of Jesus who seek to bring God’s love and dignity to the entire world, and we do this through the weekly-televised Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller. So, we’re incredibly excited to share that beginning June 1, our services now will be televised every day on Hillsong Channel! Formerly The Church Channel, this new network will feature:
  • On Saturdays and Sundays, an abbreviated half-hour version of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller with music, interview guest, and a shorter message.
  • On Mondays through Fridays, a half-hour Bobby Schuller, featuring continuous full series of our pastor’s messages.
For times and locations to view these and all other programs with Bobby Schuller, call 866-GET-HOPE (438-4673).​ Watch full episodes of Hour of Power with Bobby Schuller here.