Mission Monday: Student Ministry

This Monday we’re putting the spotlight on the Student Ministry of SHEPHERD’SGROVE led by Pastor Jonathan Thonglom!

Pastor Jonathan’s vision for the student ministry is to develop thoughtful, loving, caring teens who radically pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ.

The mission for our Student Ministries is to be creatively engaging with middle school and high school students both inside and outside the church walls, creating intentional community throughout the week and encouraging young believers to pursue a life with Jesus Christ.

We believe in: Mission, Formation, Community, Creating, Sustaining.

What I do: 

As the Youth Pastor, my primary goal is to develop teen disciples of Jesus Christ. My primary goal can only be achieved by I, myself, must continually develop my relationship with Jesus Christ and be a servant-leader to our amazing Youth Leader volunteers, who also develop teen disciples of Jesus Christ. 

Why do I do it:

I was born in a non-Christian home and living in a life of sin for most of my teen years. My life before having a relationship with Jesus Christ was filled with shame, suffering, emptiness, loneliness, hopelessness, unloved, and feeling lost. When I was 16 years old, I repented for my sins accepted a relationship with Jesus Christ as my Lord and savior. Then I knew I was approved, accepted, made whole, found, hopeful, unconditionally loved, and redeemed by Jesus Christ. I knew what it felt like to be a son of our Heavenly Father. That is when I knew I needed to make sure that all of the future teens of this world need to have a relationship of Jesus Christ as soon as possible so they would know what it means to be a child of God. 

Coming Up in SG Student Ministries:

  • We are excited to announce that Shepherd’s Grove Student Ministries is having a Worship and Prayer Night on Wednesday, October 7th @ 6:00 PM! 
  • For more information, follow our Instagram @sgstudentmin

Staff Information:

  • Junior High Associate: Maya Romero
  • Worship Leader: Sajun Nappoly
  • Student Volunteer: Jack Letterman

Volunteer Youth Leaders:

  • Veronica Thonglom
  • Breyonna Robertson
  • Brandon Ortega
  • Tyler Brannan
  • Caleb Lyu
  • Dan La Scala
  • Sam La Scala