Mission Monday: Congregational Life

This Monday we’re putting the spotlight on the Congregational Life Pastor, Bruce Cramer!

Who Bruce is:

Bruce never hoped, dreamed, or planned on being a pastor. Bruce believes God has called all of us to use all we have to increase the kingdom of Jesus. Through the encouragement of faithful men and women in his life, God opened the door and his heart to full-time Christian ministry. At the time, he told God that he would go to Bible college and seminary if he paid for it, and God provided! Bruce then stepped into ministry with the mentorship of others. Now he has been a pastor for thirty-seven years. During his time as a pastor, he has seen thousands of people start their journey to follow Jesus, and helped many find God’s call to serve Him. He says that it has been the greatest blessing in his life to see men, women, and children be a blessing to so many, as well as change their eternal destiny. He is thankful to God for His glorious grace to him, his family, and all who call on the name of His Son Jesus.

What Bruce does:

Bruce helps people get connected to God and to others in the community of faith. Bruce connects people through small groups, fellowship groups, and helps people find an area of service.  At SHEPHERD’SGROVE a “Pathway” was created to accomplish this connectedness. We begin with Rooted, the next step is to be in a Life Group, which then opens opportunities to serve God both locally and internationally.  The last step is to become a member. Our goal is to help everyone become happy and whole students of Jesus.

Why Bruce does it:

Bruce loves to help people connect with God and discover the full life that can only be found by following Jesus. Jesus has changed the direction of his life and family, not just for now but for eternity. When he helps connect people with the Lord, he finds great joy seeing them live the life that God created for them to flourish in and enjoy.