Loving the Community Through LOVE IRVINE

Background: Over the last several years, God opened the door for the faith community to impact our beautiful city of Irvine. In response, a small group of community leaders stepped forward in faith to create an organization called Love Irvine. We feel this new movement (Love Irvine) is an opportunity to unite The Church, so that together we have a positive impact on our city for the kingdom. 

Who is Love Irvine?

Love Irvine is an organization of people who love our city and have a heart to serve! Our initial focus is to do this by uniting the local church, since we feel the local church should be leading the way. However, we also want to include others in our mission. Love Irvine was started so that ‘all people in Irvine would experience God’s love through our unity and action’.

What Will Love Irvine Do?

Our initial priorities are to serve the city through prayer and volunteerism. We already have a prayer team that constantly prays for our city. For volunteerism, our goal is to raise a pool of 1,000 volunteers who are available to respond to the needs and initiatives in our city. While we want to start with the faith community, our ultimate desire is to include businesses and individuals so that together we have a positive impact on Irvine’s schools, neighborhoods, nonprofit service providers, and government entities.

Love Irvine’s inaugural event was a city-wide serve day on May 22, 2021. In partnership with the City of Irvine, non-profits, the business community and faith community, the event brought together over 500 volunteers serving at 25 different projects throughout the city. While this day-of-service was a great success, it was never intended to remain just a once-a-year event. It was our goal from day one that Love Irvine evolves into a year-around organization with a multitude of churches and pastors all working together—a true multi-church effort. 

Vision: All people in Irvine would experience God’s love through our unity and action.

Mission: Serve the city of Irvine by uniting the faith community, businesses, and all residents to address the needs of the city. 


How can I get involved with Love Irvine?

Please sign up at www.loveirvine.org and we will notify you about upcoming events and opportunities.

Upcoming Events in 2022

  • 2/18 Night of Healing
  • 5/5 National Day of Prayer
  • 8/2 National Night Out
  • 9/24 City-wide serve day, which includes Irvine Feeds The World
  • 10/6 Irvine Global Village

Is Love Irvine a faith-based organization?

Yes it is. We believe there is room for everyone to serve our city regardless of faith, so everyone is welcome to participate in Love Irvine events.

How can I donate to Love Irvine?

Yes you can! Thank you for your interest and believing in our Mission! All donations are currently not tax deductible but we can certainly accept them. We expect to receive our 501c3 sometime in 2022.  You can donate here: loveirvine.org

Is Love Irvine an official non-profit?

Yes, we are incorporated with the state of CA as Love Irvine, Inc. We are currently in the process of attaining our 501c3 status with the IRS, which should occur sometime in 2022.