Join us for the 2019 Global Leadership Summit

Everyone has influence, and that includes you! Would you like to maximize your influence in your family, school, or workplace? If so, join us on August 8 & 9 right here at Shepherd’s Grove to learn from some of the best leaders in the world in a live HD broadcast. With over 400,000 expected to attend around the globe, this world-class leadership training is a unique blend of vision, inspiration, and practical skills.

As one speaker said, “Our world needs strong, consistent, bold, courageous, integrity-infused leaders. People are longing for leaders who will unite rather than leaders who divide.” We invite you to join our staff and other leaders from our community as we strive to become these kinds of influencers in our home, workplaces and communities!

This year’s speakers include Bear Grylls (adventurer/TV host), Devon Franklin (CEO of Franklin Entertainment), Danielle Strickland (author/justice advocate), Bozoma Saint John (chief marketing officer of Endeavor), Patrick Lencioni (best-selling author/CEO of The Table Group), Liz Bohannon (CEO of Sseko Designs), Jia Jiang (author/entrepreneur), Dr. Krish Kandiah (found of Home for Good), and many others. Topics include Motivation and its Impact on our Leadership; Creating a Culture of Effective and Happy Teams; Unlocking Leadership Potential of each Generation; Building a Life of Purpose, Passion, and Impact; Leading a Life of Courage, Kindness, and Resilience; and Conquering the Fear of Rejection.

To register, visit: Also, feel free to email me with questions at