Installation Service, June 28th

Sunday morning after our usual morning worship, we installed our pastors, Bobby, Chad, and Russ as official Presbyterian pastors, making their ordination officially now transferred from the RCA (Reformed Church in America) into the PCUSA (Presbyterian Church, USA). The Service of Installation was the final event in the bringing together of two historic churches into one! If you missed it live, you can still watch it on or on Bobby Schuller’s Facebook.

During this service, representatives from The Presbytery of Los Ranchos, who serve over five million combined across California, joined us for our installation! They blessed us with readings, prayer, and guidance. Additionally, Pastor Tim delivered a touching, yet witty message that explored what it really meant to be “installed” and honored the hard work of the pastors. He truly recognized how special this occasion was having experienced it himself once before. Following beautiful songs of praise from the Hour of Power orchestra and virtual choir, Bobby, Chad, and Russ reaffirmed their connection to the presbytery. Answering with “We do,” and “We will,” those few words represented years of devotion to the church, its mission, and our Heavenly Father. After Bobby’s benediction, the pastors were formally recognized as Presbyterian pastors!

We at SHEPHERD’S GROVE Presbyterian Church want to invite you and encourage you to watch this momentous service if you haven’t done so already! Congratulations to Bobby, Russ, and Chad!