Hour of Power and Bobby Schuller Expand Viewing Options

Hour of Power and Bobby Schuller Expanded Viewing Options

The 60-minute Hour of Power televised church service that viewers have come to know and love continues to air Saturdays on TBN (Trinity Broadcasting Networkand Sundays on NRB (National Religious Broadcasters) Network, and on both Saturday and Sunday on The Church Channel. The Hour of Power will continue to be America’s Television Church with the finest choir, orchestral music, music guests, inspirational interviews, and spoken word.

The half-hour Bobby Schuller is now available in addition to the current 60-minute Hour of Power, Sundaymornings on TBN and other outlets. And soon a national half-hour will be added. A precious donor has sponsored a half-hour with Bobby Schuller on the ABC Family Channel on Sundays at 6 a.m. beginning November 1! We pray this new blessing will touch the hearts of even more families with the word of God.

For a full list of viewing options available, please go to http://www.hourofpower.org/tvlisting/index.php.

The full Hour of Power can also be viewed on YouTube each week here.