Helping At-Risk Kids

By Curtis Drever, Director of Missions and Outreach

This quarter the SHEPHERDSGROVE Missions and Outreach Team will focus our efforts on helping At-Risk Kids locally in the Orange County foster care system. There are over 3,000 children who have suffered from physical and emotional abuse, and neglect or abandonment. Their backgrounds cross all ethnic and economic lines. It breaks my heart to think about children, who are unable to have a normal childhood by no fault of their own. Here is what we are doing about it!

There are three partnerships we have in the Foster system: Project Giving Light, Royal Family Kids Camps, and Faith In Motion. Below is a short description of each partner and a brief outline of what project we will be doing with them. These partners are making a difference in helping at-risk kids; by partnering with them we, in turn, are making a difference too!

Project Giving Light (PGL)

PGL’s whole ministry is around bringing joy and light to children through their birthday boxes and birthday celebrations! They throw birthday parties for kids. At-risk kids live in a constant state of trauma. They interrupt this haze of overwhelm with an infusion of joy and light! They want every child to know that they were made for a purpose, to speak hope, joy, and blessings over them, and to infuse whatever space they call “home” with LIGHT & JOY so that they begin to dream about more than just surviving. Most importantly, we want every child to know that God loves them, He sees them, they matter to Him, and they are not alone. We will have a church-wide project for May which you will hear more about. 

Royal Family KIDS Camps (RFKC)

The primary purpose of Royal Family KIDS is to give foster children ages 6-12 a week of positive memories and royal treatment in a Christian camp environment. All of the kids have experienced trauma in their lives, along with abuse or neglect. So, when a kid attends camp they receive lots of attention and encouragement. It’s the best week of the year for most of these children – a special time when they can focus on having fun and enjoying being a kid. We will have a church-wide project for June which you will hear more about. 

Faith In Motion (FIM)

Faith in Motion is a unique collaboration between Orange County Social Services Agency, Children & Family Services, and the faith community. The goal is to engage the faith community in the foster care system in big and small ways and to make sure every child grows up in a permanent family. Shepherd’s Grove has been partnering with Faith In Motion for the last five years.  

For Faith in Motion, SHEPHERDSGROVE is working together with them their team to develop and produce a brand new promotional video.  This is something they have been wanting for years! SHEPHERDSGROVE has an excellent media team and facilities, so we are using our talent and gifts to bless Faith in Motion!

Stay tuned for more on each of these partners! For any questions please contact Curtis Drever at