Grove Worship Album Update

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Grove Worship’s Recording Session

Grove Worship’s Recording Session

By Tully Wilkinson

Ever since we reached our Kickstarter Campaign goal, two and half months ago, It has been non stop writing, recording and creating!  All the instruments have been tracked for Grove Worship’s debut full length record.

We are almost there! I am excited to share these songs with Shepherd’s Grove. I truly believe this album holds something special. Each song has a life of it’s own, yet throughout the entirety of the record there are constant themes that tie everything together. After some minor tweaks to the arrangements we will be ready to send it off to mixing and mastering.

Tentatively we are shooting for an album release in early fall. This project would not have been possible without the support of the Shepherd’s Grove community. I would like to thank everyone who supported this project whether financially or through prayer, it made all the difference.

Tully Wilkinson Leading Worship at Shepherd's Grove

Tully Wilkinson Leading Worship at Shepherd’s Grove

Tully Wilkinson is a singer/songwriter from Southern California. He is also the pastor of contemporary worship at Shepherd’s Grove.