Everyone Has Influence: Global Leadership Summit Highlights

This first year of Global Leadership Summit we had over seventy people attend. Do not tell others, but we had some people come from another site the second day because they heard it was so good here. Two great days of learning, laughing, heart-touch, and inspiration. We heard inspiring music, motivational speakers, informative interviews, personal stories, and insights into so many different areas of life from around the world.

Here were a few things we heard:

“Learn to ‘bend the curve.’ That is, put resources where there is the best pay off.”

“Think inside the box: great creativity comes with limitations.”

“If you have everything you want, you may miss what you really need.”

“Culture in an organization starts with me.”

“Business is to help transform people’s lives for the better.”

“How do you win an Oscar? Connect with people.”

“You do not have to be above average to live an extraordinary life.”

“We all need tactical empathy to connect with others.”

“Most millennials follow the rules and cannot understand those that do not.”

“Trust is like a water balloon.”

“Delays are not defeat.”

“No discipline, no destiny.”

There were many, many more valuable insights. We had people here from other churches, schools, colleges, restaurant businesses, the financial industry, World Vision, an auto dealership, and other businesses. People loved it and pledged to bring others next year. Truly it was an enriching experience for everyone.

Click here to watch this year’s highlight video!

If you were not with us this year, then put August 6-7, 2020 on your calendars now. In fact, you can sign up now! Head over to https://globalleadership.org/global-leadership-summit/ for more information.