Chad Blake Kicks Off New Grow Classes, Answers “Why Am I Here?”

Everything we do at Shepherd’s Grove is centered on being disciples and happy students of Jesus Christ. One way we’re doing this is through new Grow Classes, launching this summer. Each Grow Class, held on campus during the week, will focus on a unique topic and be led by one of our pastors.

Our first class, led by Chad Blake, begins tomorrow evening at 7 pm and will continue for four weeks (August 9, 16, 23 and 30).

WhyblockDuring “Why Am I Here?,” we’ll learn the purpose and meaning of life as disciples of Christ, then we’re able to define who we are and why we were created. Join Chad for this important personal discovery process, which will cover the following topics and answer these questions:

  • You Are a Disciple: You are a disciple, student, and apprentice of whom? Who does Jesus call to follow him? What impact will your discipleship have on the rest of your life?
  • You Are Called: As you discover your calling, find out what a vocation is. Who is called? What about those who don’t “work” for the church?
  • You Are On a Mission: As we define the meaning of “mission, we will discover that the people of God are a people on mission. How does this affect our witness?
  • You Are Transformed: As you practice spiritual disciplines, you’ll have what it takes to be an encourager.“A disciple without discipline is not a disciple at all.” How might we become bolder in witnessing and be a living example for others?

For more details and to sign up for this four-session class series, email Shawn at or call 714-971- 4001.