Can’t-Miss Summer Fun for Kids!

By Geoff Madison, Pastor of Family Ministries

This summer at Shepherd’s Grove, we will be offering two can’t-miss opportunities for little ones!

For preschool and grade school kids!
Sundays, June 19 – July 17
9:25 & 11:15 AM

We look forward to welcoming your preschool and grade school children to Bible Blast to the Past—where kids discover God’s everlasting love! As they travel on a life-changing adventure, they will seek and find that God will love them forever—no matter what!

At Bible Blast to the Past, kids will:

  • Participate in the large-group excitement of BLAST TO THE PAST BASH.
  • Experience God’s Word at TIMELESS TRUTH TENT.
  • Learn ways to serve others at MISSION QUEST CAVE.
  • Discover ancient arts and crafts at DISCOVERY RUINS.
  • Enjoy snacks and games at BACKTRACK BAZAAR.
  • Travel back in time using as their clues FIVE MYSTERIOUS ARTIFACTS.

Your kids won’t want to miss this adventure! For INFO, contact Pastor Geoff Madison,, 714-971-4001.

For kids entering 1st-5th grade this fall!

July 7, 10 AM to 3 PM

Have a picnic in the park where we will ride the train, visit the Orange County Zoo, saddle up on ponies, and have fun at the park play places! Cost is $9 per person.

July 14, 10 AM to 4 PM

At “Orange County’s Best Little Amusement Park,” ride the new Rewind Racers, accelerate on the Freeway Coaster, and have loads of more fun and rides at a super low price! Cost is $15 per person.

Aug. 4, 10 AM to 5 PM

This OC favorite waterpark has slides for everyone. For family fun, there’s the Pacific Spin or Tidal Wave Pool. If sitting back and relaxing, the Sunset River will be perfect. Cost is $25 per person

DETAILS: Please RSVP in advance, 714-971-4001. For INFO, contact Pastor Geoff Madison, Parents who drive and help come free! All first-time child visitors are 1/2 price! Three Thrilling Thursdays for under $50* per child! (If needed, please ask about financial assistance; lack of funds will not prevent a child from participating.) Bring your own lunch.