Assisted Hearing through T-Coil Hearing Loop

From Chad Blake, Executive Pastor

// If you wear a hearing aid, you can hear even more clearly through the T-Coil Hearing Loop that has been installed in the Sanctuary. It’s a type of connection that you can think of as being somewhat like Bluetooth. When you tune in to the Hearing Loop, it puts the sound directly into your hearing aid.

Normally, your hearing aid picks up the sound in the room, which is coming through the speaker system. So that second-hand input, mixed possibly with other sounds in the room, can be less than ideal.

But when using the Hearing Loop, the sound is directly in your ear — there’s no other outside noise for you to try to filter out or ignore!

Most newer hearing aids have more than one mode or setting that can be used. You might need to consult your audiologist to have him verify that your aids have a T-Coil setting. Then have him show you how to switch to that mode. When you come into the Sanctuary and the service begins, you just “change channels” and listen through the new sound system.

There are also portable devices available at the usher’s table in the entryway you can try out, using a headset that’s provided with it. Anyone can use these. You don’t even have to have a hearing aid to experience this sound system!