This Year’s Alternative Christmas Bazaar

LIVE Event! December 6th | SHEPHERD’SGROVE Facebook | 6:00 PM

At SHEPHERD’SGROVE we are passionate about reaching the world. Through our television ministry, we are able to reach millions of viewers across the globe. SHEPHERD’SGROVE is also passionate about serving those who are less fortunate than us. During our annual Alternative Christmas Bazaar, we come together to support people in six different countries. Did you know that you can pay for a chicken in China to provide jobs and eggs to their community? We have helped provide education through the high school level for over 1,000 kids in Mexico who would have otherwise not been given that opportunity. Furthermore, over 100 of these students have graduated with a four-year degree from a university. These are just a few ways that our community in Irvine has served and changed the lives of others.


Our Missions and Outreach team continuously seeks opportunities to share what we’re doing locally and around the world through our partners. We created the Alternative Christmas Bazaar to make a marketplace where people can shop for meaningful Christmas gifts while learning about our partners. In the past, ACB was a physical marketplace we created where shoppers could browse the offerings of our partners. This year, ACB is going to look different. You can purchase all of these wonderful, meaningful gifts in our online marketplace! 100% of the proceeds go to our partners, so by purchasing these gifts you will help change their lives and the lives of those they serve.

WHY Participate in ACB?

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused the extra need for prayer and support, and through our event, you can radically help our partners in need. This event also gives you the perfect opportunity to check off some of the gifts you need to get for friends and family this year. They will appreciate a gift given in their name and going towards a meaningful cause.


You can start shopping for your gifts THIS THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 19TH by going to! In previous years, we set up tables and displays and decorated the Fellowship Hall for people to stroll through and shop in-person. This year we will instead have a virtual LIVE event on Sunday, December 6.  This will be a fun event to showcase all of the wonderful things we have for our Alternative Christmas Bazaar. We will highlight some of our partners and the exciting and life-changing work that they are doing, and share more about our online marketplace.

HOW Can I Participate?

Jesus commissioned us to ‘go into all the world’.  We are on mission together, we are all missionaries, whether here locally or around the world. So please join us on December 6th to hear about ACB and our partners, and how you can join us in making a difference! All proceeds go directly to our partners! For more information contact Curtis Drever.