10 Tips for Dealing with Anxiety

During a time of some widespread panic, we want to offer some tools for our church community to use when they are feeling any sense of panic or anxiety.

  1. Practice deep and focused breathing
  2. Question your thought pattern (ask: am I being rational with my thoughts?)
  3. Go for a short walk (get some fresh air)
  4. Write down thoughts and feelings/journal
  5. Pray!
  6. Listen to worship music and enter into God’s presence
  7. Watch or listen to an encouraging sermon or podcast (sgp.church/live)
  8. Practice self-care — get enough sleep, wash your hands, rest when you’re feeling worn down, take vitamins, take a warm bath or shower, eat a healthy snack
  9. Reduce the intake of sugar, soda, and caffeine
  10. Practice gratitude

We are praying for you! God loves you and so do we!